Star Sister

Great news to share: A memoir that I wrote last summer will be published by Evolver Editions/North Atlantic Books in March 2012. It’ll be called “Star Sister” and concerns my name change and its spiritual fall-out, which, of course, continues. Check back for updates as the pub date nears!

In other news, I’m not currently seeing clients in Santa Fe. This is my fortieth year and, so far, it has been as big and shifty as advertised. Of course, the recent world catastrophes show that change isn’t just happening in my corner of the planet. If your own internal landscape is resembling an earthquake, storm, or even nuclear disaster, know at least that you’re not alone! And keep breathing…

For myself, I’ve been traveling and visiting family and friends on the East Coast and that looks like that will continue. I’ll let you know more as it all develops.

One thought on “Star Sister

  1. Respectfully Mis, Stella Osorojos

    My name is will and over the last month 04/2011 or so to present something that seemed very unusual to me , this may be a bit-run-on but please bear with it, not much of typest – I will tell a bit about my self I just turned 40 – 04/12 , 6ft tall aprox 200lbs started training martial arts when i was 5 and i tend to be rather spiritualistic and anilitical/critical by nature i tend to be a physically strong person and poses a hiden strenth that for a person of my size dose not seem normal for humans, which tends to manifest itself in more extream situations and there have also been times when i have altered my perception of time everything seems to slow down to a c-r–a—w—-l and somehow my body responds by moveing a lot faster my best guess is 2 to 3 times faster then normal !! strangely enough i can even cloke my owne presence not to vision ,, energeticly but this new thing seems strange even for me I SEEM TO HAVE SPROUTED NEW PARTS THAT ONLY I SEEM TO BE AWARE OF —— WINGS ——- They seem large enough that if they were of the phisical varitey i might be able to fly —– they are transpairent, seem to have a platinum inner irridesence and are vailed in black which makes them all but black and i seem to be able to articulate them fully. So to make a long roaming story even longer, im asking for your help please !!! can you supply me with spacific instrution for The WingMaker Frequency Mediation and the correct use & activation of the Three acu-points on the back so iI can see this new fase through in proper fassion

    I Appreaciate any Help You can Offer

    Will Enright
    e-mail (
    Phone: (916)698-6893
    Adress: 2212 rene ave sacramento, CA.

    P.S. after this most recent thing happened to me i googled and found You

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